Finding New “Waves” to Recycle

Meg Brady, Reporter

As Medina High School raises awareness about recycling, the students pond-er new ways to create buoyant vessels out of recycled materials. With 88 participants, 30 teams, and 7 volunteers, the event raised $1,080! Using the lake at Forest Meadows Lake and Pavilion, (which has allowed Medina to continue this tradition for 7 years), the students tried to be the last boat swimming.

The “Junk Boat Float” took place on Tuesday, September 25. The goal of this event is to help students understand the need for recycling. They had to ask friends and family to refrain from throwing away old bottles and plastic containers for the ongoing project.

Each team, consisting of two oar three people, had to push their boat out into the lake, paddle around a buoy, and rush back to shore. Not all succeeded, but “It shore was fun to watch them fall,” according to students at the event. Participants made their boats out of water-ever they could find, including milk jugs, Saran Wrap, duct tape, water bottles, old closet doors, and sleds. Some even wore traditional Scottish kilts with matching face paint, “just for the fun of it.”

After each team paid the entrance fee of $36, all proceeds went towards funding the environmentally friendly water bottle refill centers in our schools! This year, the funding will go toward building bottle filling station at Evolve Academy, and Heritage Elementary School. Additionally, each team recycled their boat after the event!

Even the well-known radio station, Q104, took the op-perch-tuna-ty to talk to some of the students about their interest in making the world a little greener.

The winning boat, “Boatily Floatily,” whose team consisted of Caleb Cummings, Thomas Martin, and Trevor Aupperle, won extra credit in their Spanish class. What a fin-tastic event!