Country of the Week- Monaco


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Monaco, also known as the Principality, is one of the wealthiest and richest countries in the world. Monaco is known as a millionaire’s playground. As a home of over 2,000 millionaires and 50 billionaires, Monaco sits south of France in the azure coast overlooking the Mediterranean.  Monaco is separated from France by Mont Agel. Monaco is also the second smallest country in the world standing behind, of course, The Vatican City in Rome. Monaco has a total land area of around 2.00 sq km. In the area resides many attractions, Including the Casino de Monte Carlo which is one of the world’s oldest casinos and cannot be used by residents, only tourists. Monaco is known to be a “tax haven,” all of the money the city collects is from casinos and its 20,000 tourists that visit a day. Monaco also holds one of the world’s oldest races, the legendary Monaco Grand Prix, which has been run since 1919. Monaco also has its own Soccer team, AS Monaco FC, which competes in a top tier French League. Other sights in Monaco include the endless amount of million dollar cars, watches and architecture. This is an amazing place to visit, but comes at a high cost. Monaco is close to Italy, France, and other countries in the Azure Coast.