Homecoming Across the World

Emma Davis

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February 22, 2019
Reilley Banning

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Fly Away with Me. This year’s homecoming theme perfectly reflects how countless foreign exchange students feel when they live in another country for an entire year. They fly away from friends, family, and life as they know it to go to an entirely new place, which can be terrifying at first. The Medinamite wanted to find out how our foreign exchange students felt about Homecoming, and so we set off to the Cultural Exploration Club for interviews and insight!

The main purpose of our inquizzitive session was to determine what our foreign friends knew about Homecoming before the actual event. Exchange student Marilou informed us that she does not have a version of the dance back home, but she is very excited to go! She believes, “[Homecoming] is exciting, there’s a D.J., everyone wears a dress, and sometimes people go in a limo! I also hear that sometimes there are after-parties, and that the dances get crowded!” We hope to follow up with Marilou in our next issue to see how she ended up enjoying the dance!

We also spoke with Miu, who is very excited about Homecoming, and plans on attending the big Homecoming game! Miu believes she has a fairly firm grasp on what the event looks like, and told us, “I like to watch American Dramas, and those show prom. I’ve been told it’s to homecoming, but here, I’ve been told we all go into one small gym!”.

Homecoming is one of America’s greatest traditions, teens all across the country look forward to experiencing the homecoming festivities, and sharing these traditions with the exchange students is a privilege. Most of the exchange students are planning on going to homecoming in order to experience the lights, music, and fun that comes with the typical American Homecoming. They are ready to cheer on our  Battling Bees to another victory on Friday, and dance the night away this Saturday!