First Quarter Wrap Up

Zizi Toth, Copy Editor

The first quarter of the 2018-2019 school year is about to come to an end, and the students here at the Medina High School have a lot to say about their experience!

Freshman Jacob Schaner is having a decent first year of high school. One of his favorite parts of high school is seeing the ducks in the courtyard everyday as he walks to class. “Gotta take joy in all the little things, right?”

Njemile Williams, a sophomore, has spent the first quarter watching varsity football on Friday nights. “I love football games,” she reflected. Williams heard the MHS band play in addition to their Friday night performances when she attended one of the first band competitions.

Many seniors feel they need to work hard in their last year of high school. Dana Taylor, a senior, also has this mentality. Since she will be off to college next year, Dana is “trying to keep it up.” Besides school work, Dana is also excited for the choir concert this Thursday.

Williams and Taylor both expressed their excitement for the homecoming dance. Both students are attending this year, and hope to have a blast this Saturday night.

Throughout the school year, goal setting is always made a priority by teachers and principals. Freshman Isaac Robbins’ goal is to “work as hard as possible, and get my math grades up.” Shaner has a very similar goal. He wishes “to pass every single class with flying colors.”

The first quarter is nearly over, yet there is so much more to happen throughout the school year. Let’s make it a great rest of the year, Medina!