Introduction to Homecoming Candidates

Taylor Weyandt, Reporter

The best of Medina. That is what our Homecoming candidates represent, and October 3rd we voted on which candidate we felt truly represented Medina. During the assembly, 15 girls were picked to run for Homecoming Queen; each one picking a country to describe who they are. These fifteen girls included Rachel Knaggs, Genelle Beier, Lexi Acierto, Stephanie Flamik, Natalie Seifert, Lauren Robinson, Kloe Hurla, Claire Leupp, Olivia Mansier, Maggie Selva, Cassidy Edwards, Caroline Chagney, Taylor Heintz, Claire Schmeller, Cali Leonhardt. Before each of the girls talked about what country represented them, they were presented with a bio about their personality and a little bit about them; such as their pets, about their family, and about what they like to do in their free time. Each person did their best to convince people to vote in their favor. They tried to do this in various ways; by being funny and telling jokes, or being relatable by saying favorable things such as loving food. Students had to pick among all five of these candidates to choose their 2018-2019 homecoming queen!

Many students felt the assembly was quite necessary, because it helped them to better understand why each girl deserves to be homecoming queen. While the Seniors were at the assembly, they had the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors watch the assembly on a screen in their classroom. After the assembly the seniors remained in the PAC for a chat about graduation, and ordering caps and gowns. After the assembly was over, the seniors reported back to 2nd period to finish the rest of class.