Freshmen are Friends not Food

Tera Roberts, Reporter

As this 2018 football season continues strong, Medina High School remains supportive as always of their team. Students look forward to going to the games every Friday, especially when they get to participate in the swarm and show their school spirit. As a swarm, different grade levels gather to cheer the team on.

This year, there’s been a buzz around school that the freshmen are getting removed from the Swarm in order to provide more room for the upperclassmen and Swarm leaders. Many are concerned this defeats the purpose of the Swarm, diminishes our school spirit, and erases room for inclusivity. The Swarm leaders and upperclassmen are typically the most spirited, but without the freshmen, the Swarm is missing several students that could help support our school’s team.

Lauren Dalton, senior at Medina High School, says she witnessed the Swarm leaders telling upperclassmen to step back a row so they could have their spot.  

“Having us step back pushes the freshmen already in the back of the Swarm completely out of it,” Lauren explains. “If I got to the front first, I should be able to stay there.”

The underclassmen continued to enjoy the game and some even tried to stay in the Swarm regardless of what they were being told.

As some students had concerns for this situation, others had no idea it was happening. For the juniors and seniors, it’s a main responsibility to be someone the underclassmen naturally look up to.

“I honestly didn’t notice it was an issue,” says senior, Zoe Quisenberry. “Now that I know, I feel bad and think it was an unnecessary move for the Swarm leaders.” Zoe continues to explain how she wishes the outcome at the game was different.

Freshmen and sophomores are welcomed to come cheer on the Medina High School football team and be a member of the Swarm. The more support, the merrier!