Pre-Football Season Spirits

Jordan Walker, Reporter

At the start of the season Freshmen couldn’t wait for their debut; seniors anticipating their final return, and everybody practicing harder than ever for the 2018 Medina Bees football season. Some seasons the football team does about as well as the Browns, and other seasons surprisingly we do extremely well. Prior to the first game I wondered how the team is looking this year, and thus interviewed some of the players and cheerleaders and to get the inside scoop.

Last year the Battling Bees did not do so hot, with a record of 4-6. This year, we have many returning starters who are more determined than ever. Ryan Fischer is the pinnacle of this determination. Ryan is the 6-3, 195 lb quarterback who transferred to Medina for his senior year. His teammate, David Soloman (left guard), says,” His height gives us a big advantage, he can really control the fight.” Soloman is also very excited about this year’s defense saying “[we] might have the best defense in the conference.”  

The excitement for the defense was a common thread throughout  interviews. Every player I interviewed mentioned it, and seemed very excited until I asked them about their biggest threat this year. That question also had a common answer, Mentor. “We’re always worried about Mentor.” says Jack Pilarski (center). In the face of adversity however, Medina never backs down. Daylonte Davis (running back) emphasizes, “ I think we can be better than .500”!

The anticipation is building as our season comes to a close. It seems our players were right. Medina beat Cleveland Heights 43-20 for their first game of the season. Will Medina ride that wave to the playoffs or will we fall short? The only thing we can do is watch, wait, and enjoy!