An Un-bee-lievable Homecoming Parade

Zizi Toth, Copy Editor

The music of the Medina Musical Bees rang out among the streets of Medina as they led Medina’s annual Homecoming parade. Students, parents, and staff participated in the parade on Friday, Oct. 12. They walked or rode with the activity or organization they represented, smiling and waving to viewers on the street.

For many high school students, it was their third or fourth time being in the parade. One such student, Claire Schmeller, was in it for the fourth year in a row! This year, she had the honor of being a homecoming queen candidate. “I think it’s exciting to see other people-not only from the high school, but around the community,” Schmeller stated. “I had a really good time,” her face lit up with joy as she recalled the memories from that night.

Students were asked what the parade meant to them. Freshman Kaden Gordon felt it was “a way for the school to get together, and appreciate the different sports and things that the school has to offer.” Furthermore, Nicole Reese, a junior, added, “it’s just a way to get hyped up before we go to the game.” And indeed it was! The energized crowd eagerly awaiting the start of the game against Elyria.

Sophomore Jake Wolf represented the wrestling team this year. To him, the parade meant “a lot of walking.” Usually, the parade starts at Garfield Elementary, but this year, it started at the high school and looped back to end at the high school stadium. Wolf was glad to have a shorter route this year!

The Homecoming parade means everything to the students at Medina. It represents its sports and activities, as well as being an effective demonstration to show that there is truly something for everyone at Medina.