Now Announcing your 2018 Homecoming Queen!

Taylor Weyandt, Reporter

The moment we had all been waiting for had arrived. Time to learn who would be our 2018 Homecoming Queen! The Homecoming assembly was on Thursday, the 11th of September. At the assembly Student Council picked people to play musical chairs. During the assembly they also announced the Homecoming Court, and what we had all been waiting for- the Homecoming Queen. Thursday afternoon, our MHS Cheerleaders pumped up the crowd with cheers, chants, and the fight song. The cheerleaders also performed the beloved and interactive “do it” cheer. As they were showing all the girls that ran for Homecoming Queen, the girls and their escorts dress up in Halloween costumes. Our court included Olivia Mansier, Rachel Knaggs, Stephanie Flamik, Claire Leupp, and Genelle Beier. The crowd was delighted as Genelle Beier was announced as our 2018 Homecoming Queen, along with escort Drew Thompson.

As the assembly went on, our Musical Medina Bees gave a rousing performance of the legendary band-dance. Likewise, students exclaimed gleefully as the Stingers wowed the audience once more. What a great way to get the crowd pumped up and excited for Homecoming; as well as the activities that come with it! Students look forward to Homecoming every year, and the annual assembly gets the student body even more ready for the festivities that come later. We cannot wait to see what Student Council has in store for us next year!