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Beehive vs. Buzz

Tera Roberts, Reporter

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All students know the struggle of waking up early in the morning and running out of time to eat breakfast or grab a coffee before school starts. Lucky for us, Tuesday through Friday, every week at Medina High School, The Buzz and The Beehive Cafe have all the morning essentials to get you started for the day. But the question is, what do they serve and what’s the difference?

The Beehive Cafe is located in between the junior and senior commons, and is available every Wednesday and Friday from first to the end of third period. This is the perfect stop in the school for an iced coffee, with flavors ranging from chocolate caramel to Oreo. The Beehive also makes hot breakfast food, including breakfast sandwiches and pizza bagels, as well as sweet treats like cookies and chocolate dipped pretzel rods. Even though the hashbrowns are no longer available there are many other options to choose from and they discussed possibly adding more items to their menu.

“My favorite part of working at the Beehive Cafe first period is the people I work with, making the food for others, and when students I’m friends with come to visit”, Nick Ryder, senior, stated during an interview.

The Buzz Cafe is located across from the middle auditorium doors, and is open every Tuesday and Thursday from first to third period. The star of the Buzz is their handmade puppy chow for only 50 cents a bag, as well as hot pretzels with cheese, chocolate chip or M&M cookies and hot cocoa. If you’d rather have hot coffee instead of iced, the Buzz is your best friend. For October, they added pumpkin spice creamer, so stop in for a snack, or pick up a nice, seasonal beverage as this winter approaches!

Tera Roberts, Reporter

Hi, my name is Tera Roberts, and I'm a senior this year at Medina High School. In my free time I like hanging out with my friends, making coffee and listening...

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Beehive vs. Buzz