It’s Finally Time for States!

Meg Brady, Reporter

 As football season comes to a close, so do all things associated with it. The Medina Musical Bees, the school marching band, is among them. This weekend, October 27th, the band is having their last competition, at a state level, taking place in Columbus, the state finals are what the band has been looking forward to all season.

    “We’ve gotten a 1 (superior rating) for 16 years in a row and I really think we’re getting another one this year,” says band president, Rachel Knaggs. Twice, according to her, has the band gotten straight 1’s, which is the best possible score at state finals. “I really think we can get straight ones again this year. This is a really good band, and a really good ensemble, I know we are going to be awesome.” 

Many have expressed excitement over the upcoming weekend, insisting that the band is going to do well. “I love our show, I love the story that it tells, and I think the judges at states are going to really connect with it, to us, and our show,” reports one of the field commanders, Melissa Wallick. “I think we’re ready, like really ready, and as soon as we all put ourselves in that [state of mind,] then we are going to do really good.”
   According to field commander Hannah Kovalik , “Everyone’s looking for straight ones, and we’ve put in hard work, and we have the drive and motivation.”

  This year the band show has two classical composers’ take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, with Pink’s contemporary song “Just Give Me a Reason” in the middle, the musical show appeals to all people in the audience. Tchaikovsky’s view on the classic love story is a slow, emotionally appealing song, while Prokofiev’s outlook is fast and dissonant, creating the illusion of the fight for love.