You Scared the Craft out of Me!


Tera Roberts, Reporter

You can’t have a Halloween party without some spooky decorations to compliment the scary season, but what are the best kinds of decorations? The answer, of course, are the ones you make yourself or with your friends!

Making Halloween crafts can be fun, yet very simple and can require common everyday objects that many people already have. As the weather changes, the ground is covered with fallen leaves. These leaves act as the best body for a potential ghost! Go outside and find some nice, wide leaves (they don’t have to be a pretty color) and cover them with white paint. Wait for this to dry, take some black paint and give your ghost some eyes and a mouth. Once all the paint is dry, you can leave them like that ,and place them around the table as a decorative piece, or poke holes in the top and hang them around the room with a string! 

While you’re candy shopping, pick up a bag of lollipops as well. These are going to be spider bodies, with pipe cleaners as legs. Take the stick of the lollipop right under the candy on top and twist four black pipe cleaners around it, creating four shorter spider legs on each side. The lollipop itself acts as the spider’s back end of its body. For a finishing touch, add two small googly eyes right in the middle of where you twisted the pipe cleaners for a face!

If painting is more of your thing, you’ll need green paint and some construction paper to create the perfect handprint witch. On a plain piece of paper the color of your choice, make a hand print with green paint, acting as the witches body. Turn this print upside down, and give her some eyes and a pointy witch nose. Use some orange, black, or purple paint for the hair, and add a hat and broom. This craft can work for ghosts as well with a white hand print, or a cat with a black hand print!

The possibilities for fun Halloween crafts are endless, and many of these crafts can be changed to match your own personal taste! Happy Halloween!