Should High School Students Trick or Treat?

Meg Brady, Reporter

It’s October 31st, Halloween, and a group of friends are dressed up with little bags, going door to door and asking for candy. Would you give them some? Let’s say that the group of friends are all 7 years old. No hesitation, right? But what if the group was 17? Would you hesitate? Would you refuse to allow them the same thing you offer the 7 year olds?
Many would argue that teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to trick-or-treat. Teenagers steal the opportunity for smaller children to enjoy the experience of Halloween, they claim. But do they really? If you plan on giving candy, does it matter who gets it, or where it goes?

    Generally, you should plan on buying more candy than you think you’ll need, because even if you have some extra at the end of the night, you can always give more than a piece out at a time. But if you give candy to everyone, then you won’t have as many extra pieces anyway.
As someone who has gone trick-or-treating before, I know that there are high school students dressing up and having fun. I’ve never seen them be disruptive to other children or property owners. Their goal, more often than not, is to go out with friends and get free candy. But I’ve also seen and heard of adults refusing to give people candy when they are above a certain age.

    If you’re passing out candy this year, what do you think? Would you freely give candy to all, or just to the young’uns?

The city of Chesapeake, Virginia, has even put age limits on Halloween-ing, and they’re not the only ones. From South Carolina to Canada, reports the New York Post, states have threatened to arrest anyone over the age of 12 who tries to procure candy from their neighbors. But by this logic, adults shouldn’t enjoy water parks, or playing dodge ball, or other more childish activities. Adults tend to blame modern technology for a lot, but when high school students want to put the screens down and dress up and go out and do something nostalgic and innocent, they put restrictions up, preventing us from creating more memories on Halloween. Do you believe these restrictions are necessary? Or should teenagers be allowed to have their innocent fun? Make sure to comment below with your thoughts!