Halloween Entertainment Suggestions



Jordan Walker, Reporter

As you’ve grown older, you might not feel the excitement that makes your spine shiver and your eyes fill with holiday wonder. That is completely understandable, but to get you in the Halloween spirit, here is my list of all the best spooky shows, music, and podcasts to indulge in for Halloween.

In honor of the Halloween spirit, we at the Medinamite have created a list of different forms of media to bolster your spooky desires!


TV Shows


Every year it seems we get the same boring gore-fest or poorly acted “horror” TV shows. In spite of this, there are a few diamonds in the rough! One of the oldest anthology series is The Twilight Zone. Each episode plunges you into an eerie reality often similar to our own; however, everything is not as it seems in the realm and every episode ends with a shocking twist.


Haunting of Hill House is Netflix’s newest original horror series, and it can best be described as a creepy family drama. This show tells the tale of five siblings who lived in the haunted Hill House as the setting flips from the past to modern day, where they try to fight both literal, and metaphorical, demons.


Halloween Wars is competition in which master sculptors and bakers come together to make horrifying displays entirely out of food. What more could you want in a Halloween-themed cooking show?


American Horror Story is not for the faint of heart; this show is truly twisted. It is similar to The Twilight Zone, being that it is an anthology and it delivers an impactful message about our world. Each season has a different theme from that of a cult, to a hotel setting. With psychological and physical horror, American Horror Story is a must-see for every horror fan.


Over the Garden Wall is appropriate any time in the fall, but watching it during Halloween is a truly fantastic experience. It is a cartoon where two brothers get lost in the mysterious realm of the Unknown. The boys meet many of the different inhabitants of the Unknown, some helpful and others like the Beast, not so much. The two brothers are polar opposites, and  it’s a blast to see them interact with each other and the other characters. The art, soundtrack, story, and tone all make you feel autumn-y! There are too many good things I can say about this show, so do yourself a favor and watch it.




If you’re in the mood to get spooky and jam out, Halloween music is the way to go. “Pitchfork Kids” by AJR is a great  example. This melodic masterpiece starts off with haunting operatic singing not unlike the howling of a banshee, transitioning into the amazing EDM beat with the singing continuing in the background. After the melody and tone are set the lyrics start, and a tale is spun about a boy in love with a girl not of his world.


Another chilling tune is “Spooky” by Classics IV. Like “Pitchfork Kids,” this song is about a girl who is as the title says- spooky! This is an incredibly jazzy song and the saxophone in it is literally music to the ears.


Of all the theme songs in movies, nothing can compare to the iconic theme from Ghostbusters. Everyone knows the words, and everyone just can’t help but say that they  “ain’t afraid of no ghost!”


“Monster Mash” is the epitome of a Halloween song. The mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, ghosts, and skeletons all getting together to party? What more could you ask for?


I’ll tell you what more you could ask for: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. This is another masterpiece by none other than the King of Pop himself. It has all the creepy feelings associated with Halloween, accompanied by a funky beat and amazing vocals, and one of the best cameos in music history by none other than Vincent Price.




Podcasts aren’t for everybody, and admittedly they can be a bit daunting to start listening to. However, if you are a fan of the weird or creepy, these podcasts are good places  to start. “Cryptid Keeper” is about the fascinating world of cryptids; creatures whose existence can’t be proven or disproven, such as Bigfoot. This podcast is run by two women who have a millennial-esque sense of humor, adding a charming aspect to the show.


Another obscure yet equally funny podcast is “Welcome to Nightvale.” “Welcome to Nightvale” is a fake radio show for the fictional town of Nightvale, and all the weird occurrences that happen in the town. The stuff that goes on in this town is truly unnerving and unlike anything I’ve ever heard.


The “No Sleep Podcast” takes a few creepy stories every episode from the Reddit “r/NoSleep” and voice actors read the individual stories to you. The stories are utterly frightening and the good ones can stick with you for awhile.


If you want a podcast similar to the aforementioned one, but shorter and more casual, “Creepy” is the way to go. Jon Grilz is the narrator and creator of this Creepypasta podcast.One popular edition is their  “31 Days of Horror” Halloween series that ends (fittingly) on Halloween.


“Lore” is one the best and most original podcasts out there. The main concept of “Lore” is telling the true stories behind some of our greatest fears and the greatest works of horror. Each episode combines a series of stories into one strange piece of history and how it impacts today.