A creative club for a creative mind

A creative club for a creative mind

Kit Begovich, Staff Writer

Get in sync with poetry at Medina’s newest student group, the Poetry Club.

Created by Hannah Wargo, a senior and member of Student Council, the club is a way to express feelings and thoughts through writing. So far, the club has 12 members, but it’s growing. By proposing the idea of Poetry Club to Student Council, and creating a constitution, Hannah’s idea became legitimate. The first official meeting was held on March 6, 2015; but have no fear, students are allowed to join at any time. Poetry Club meetings are held every two weeks in Mr. Thompson’s room, 2107.

“You do not have to be a poet to be in the club, or even be familiar with poetry! This club was also made to get students involved,” says Hannah. “We will be communicating through FaceBook, email, text or the Poetry Club Twitter account: @MHSPoetry.”

Poetry Club is a way to connect with other students while broadening a knowledge of literature. In a literal sense, poetry is profoundly moving. Therefore, students who attend might learn something new about society or even themselves.

To be an official member of MHS’s Poetry club, you must attend at least two meetings and one event. An event may include a slam poetry performance or a read aloud held at various locations around the area.

Contact Hannah Wargo, through Twitter or her teacher, Mr. Thompson.