Halloween Makeup Ideas

Emma Davis, Senior Editor

As Halloween rapidly approaches, we at The Medinamite wish to aid those who are frantically scrambling to get a costume. For those of you who remain uncertain, we are here to offer makeup ideas that you can build your costume upon. For starters, choosing from the many brands available can be a struggle. Some options include Mehron Liquid makeup, Go Green face paint, Ben Nye, Imagic Professional Cosmetics, Moon Glow, iMustech, and Fun Tone Colors.

For those of you who are more than a tad adventurous- scary makeup ideas! If you happen to own large amounts of green and brown clothing, consider being a zombie! Zombie makeup is classic, and is a sure hit for your Halloween purposes. All you need is some earthy-toned face paint, liquid latex (for the rotting flesh effect), and some fake blood.

Following the clown craze of last two years, another great idea is killer clown makeup! For this you only need fake blood, white face paint, red paint for your cheeks and nose, and a wig. Clowns offer many options; you could be cute with pigtails, or gory with blood seeping from every crevice. Either way, plenty of people will be scared of you- thanks Pennywise!

Another terrifying yet terrific look is that of an exposed skull. Admittedly, this look requires skill ,and finesse that I do not possess, but maybe you are talented with makeup and desire a challenge. The exposed skull makeup look is based off of–get this–a skull. Crazy, right? All you need is black and white paint, as well as a thin brush for detailing the fine bones, and crisp edges to your skull. Those of you who wish to creep out your friends and family, might consider painting yourself as an injured person, be it the victim of a serial killer or a car crash. The recipe for this scary face involves a large amount of fake blood, liquid latex for wounds, fake stitches, and a great howl of agony.

If scary isn’t quite your style, you can always paint your face in a cutesy manner. Deer makeup is one viably adorable option, requiring brown and white face paint, and pink for the fawn’s tiny snout. Or, you could let your maniacal colors shine through, and decorate yourself as one of the fae (fairy) ; requiring glitter, purple and blue paint, colorful eye shadow, and intense highlight. Moreover, Harry Potter fans could dress as one of the house ghosts, needing only basic makeup supplies in the colors associated with Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin! One last option would be to paint yourself as the Pumpkin King, or for all you ladies out there, the Pumpkin Queen: a fun, gender bent version of Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Happy spooking everyone!