Vegan Halloween Snacks!

Iris Paterson, Reporter

Halloween is a great time to make sweet treats and eat tons of candy! However, if you have dietary restrictions, this can be difficult or nearly impossible. Here’s a list of some great spooky vegan recipes to munch on!

Bloody Cups for Halloween

This recipe is delicious and spooky! It takes a spin from the classic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, replacing the peanut butter with raspberry sauce.

Vegan Treacle Fudge

The Harry Potter fans in your life will go nuts for this Harry Potter Healthy Vegan Treacle Fudge! This super simple recipe from Bohemian Vegan Kitchen will soon be your favorite sweet treat.


Jack Skellington Mounds Cups

Around Halloween, many vegans are upset about not being able to eat their favorite candy, those who like Mounds but are living a vegan diet will love these Jack Skellington Mounds Cups thanks to Beaming Baker!

Mummy English Muffin Pizzas

If you’ve eaten too many sweets in the weeks leading up to Halloween, you’ll love these healthy snacks from Veggies Save The Day. These adorable mummy themed pizzas will bring your Halloween spirit up by 100%.

Halloween GuacaMonsters

Everyone loves guacamole! These Halloween GuacaMonsters from Fork & Beans are delicious and super fun to make. They’re even customizable, so you can add ingredients you like or remove those you aren’t so keen on.