Safety Tips for Halloween

Kelly Elmore, Reporter

The night of trick-or-treating is almost upon us. On October 31, kids all across America dress up in fun costumes and go out to grab candy. Halloween is always a fun time, but it’s not fun if you’re dead (and no, undead doesn’t count). Here are some helpful tips to stay safe on Halloween night and to assure you get treats and not tricks!

The most well-known safety tip is to check your candy after you’re done trick-or-treating. If you see any pieces of candy that are opened or don’t look properly sealed, throw it away. Even if nothing has been done to the candy, it could be unsafe to eat-even if it’s been opened by accident.

Make sure to bundle up in cozy clothes while going out. If you’re trick-or-treating outside, at night, during October, it’s bound to be cold. As of October 19th, the temperature is forecast to be 50℉. Make sure to wear a warm coat, and bring hats and gloves with you.

Wear comfortable shoes when trick-or-treating with friends or with younger siblings. If there are cracks in the sidewalk, you don’t want to be wearing heels and trip and fall on your face. Trust me, this hurts.

When crossing the street, make sure to watch out for cars. It will be dark outside, and drivers may not see you, especially if you’re wearing all black or other dark colors.

Make sure to bring useful supplies with you, such as your phone and/or a flashlight. Bring an extra jacket with you in case one of your friends doesn’t have one.

If you have younger siblings and your parents can’t go with them, don’t let them go alone if they’re too young. Even if they’re with a group of friends, it’s still a good idea to be the responsible one and go with them.

Lastly, even though it’s tempting, don’t eat too much candy at once! Maybe only eat half of your haul instead of all of it. Your stomach will thank you the next day.

Stay safe, and have a spooky and fun Halloween!