Key Club Competitive Food Drive


Hannah Petrosky, Reporter

One in six people in the United States of America face hunger everyday according to “Do Something”. One in seven people face hunger in Ohio as stated by “Feeding America”. Hunger is prominent around the world and even in Medina, Ohio. Citizens and their families rely on local food banks to survive everyday.

October 15th to October 19th Medina High School’s Key Club took on Brunswick High School in battle to collect the most food for their hometown food banks.

The first period classroom with the most cans won a doughnut party. The winning classroom was Mrs. Zavesky’s.

“Mrs. Zavesky won the contest with 37 cans,” Mrs. Cheyney, Medina High School’s Key Club adviser, stated, “However, Mrs. Sherman brought in over one-hundred cans across all her classes.

The Medina Bees collected 198 cans total throughout the drive. Although, they  lost the competition to Brunswick.

We have a student body of over 2,000 students and we brought in 198 cans. If every person brought in just one can, we could have donated at least 2,000 items to the food bank,” Mrs. Cheyney, said.

Like Mrs. Cheyney, many were disappointed in the turn out for the food drive. Teachers and students alike were hoping to do more for the food bank, Feeding Medina County, because of the importance of food banks.

“Many families  do not receive enough to eat during the day,” Mrs. Cheyney stated, “However, many of us are fortunate enough to have food on our tables at all times and we should share with our neighbors who do not.”

Feeding Medina County helps those who cannot afford to buy food themselves. Anyone can donate to Feeding Medina County, even if they are not donating through the drive.

“You can donate unopened non-perishables to Feeding Medina County,” Mrs. Cheyney stated, “They are open everyday until 3:00 p.m.”

The slightest help can have a massive impact, which is why food drives like this are vital in maintaining a healthy community!