Trending Technology

Brian Dreifke, Reporter

As we keep moving forward in technology with new advancements everyday, high school students are getting more interested and involved in the technological world. Every day students use phones, tablets, laptops, and more, but what really is the best phone, or the best laptop? What technology is coming out that students are looking forward to?

With Samsung trying to make a foldable smartphone, and Apple continuously releasing new IOS updates, students are talking about the new technology every day. Here are some of the newest, best, and most interesting technology to have and look forward to. I think it’s safe to say that phones are the pieces of technology that we use the most. I surveyed my peers asking if they prefer Apple or Samsung, and 83% of votes went to Apple.

Medina High School student, Jeremy Koci, said the technology he uses the most is his “phone by far.” I followed up by asking him what phone was his favorite, and his response was, “The iPhone 7, because I like the overall setup, the camera quality, and also the fact there are more apps accessible to an Apple phone than an Android.”

In a study done by Digital Trends, the best smartphone of 2018 was found to be the IPhone XS. At Medina High School, more people rely on Apple phones more than Samsung or Android, but why? It seems people like Apple for more basic things, like setup, format, and graphics. The Phone XS is one of the most trendy phones on the market due to its brand new “Super Retina Display,” delivering some of the best graphics. This phone features the most durable glass on a phone ever used, and the fastest chip ever used in a phone.

Apple also has the most popular smart watch according to Wareable. The Series 4 Apple watch is still holding the spot of most popular compared to the Samsung Galaxy watch, and also Fitbit. The health features on the Apple watch prevail over Samsung and Fitbit, with some of the best fitness trackers and even letting you know when your heart rate is down. In the basic aspect of smart watches, the design of the watch is the best and suits the wrist well.

A fast laptop is vitally important for many high schoolers. In school, Chromebooks and Macbooks are used, and many students have some kind of a computer at home. What laptop is the best? Evidently, once more the answer is Apple. The Apple Macbook has some of the best resolution and the best formatting. To see some of the technical features of the Macbook, IPhone, and Apple Watch, visit Apple.

A different aspect to technology is the technology of cars. Driving is one of the best ways for teens to take a step into a mature adulthood, but what what is the most proper way to take that step? It starts with the best car for teens. Many teenagers take their parent’s old car, find a used car for low value, or buy a new car. Here are some of the safest and most highly advanced cars for teens on the road. An affordable, trending car is the 2018 Hyundai Elantra. Rated a 9 out of 10 by Kelly Blue Book, it has some great features including advanced rear view backup camera system, Apple carplay and for Android users, Android auto. It even has a wireless charging pad for phones on the dashboard. This car also has a great look and a great mpg rating. Cars that are also great for teens are the 2018 Chevy Malibu and also the 2016, 2017 Ford Fusion.

Now as we do make more technological advances, some things to look forward to are self driving cars, new clear laptops and phones, and much more. Some crazy pieces of tech that we might see soon are Samsung’s new foldable phone that will fold from a phone to a tablet and back. Also the VR headset, the Oculus quest, is something we are looking forward to. Oculus Quest is set to become the most advanced and hottest headsets on the market. Overall there is some very interesting technology to look forward to, and Apple appears to be well-regarded in the eyes of MHS Students!