The Story So Far Concert Review


Iris Paterson

Photo of the band Movements

Iris Paterson, Reporter

The thrill of the music was electric. Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018, at the Agora Theater in downtown Cleveland, the energy of The Story So Far’s show was unmatchable. With a hard to beat lineup, including Movements, Citizen, Turnover, and The Story So Far, this concert was not one to miss.

Opening the show with southern California pop-punk group Movements, everyone was pumped up for the following acts. Starting fast with their single “Colorblind” from their debut album Feel Something (2017), they brought up the energy of the venue instantly. Closing out their set with their top single “Daylily” brought so much emotion to everyone there, and made them even more excited for the following bands to play.

After Movements’ set, their vocalist Patrick Miranda announced that he would be around at their merchandise table to meet people and sign some things for their fans. When asked what one thing he cannot leave for tour without, Miranda responded with noise cancelling headphones, “Sometimes I just don’t wanna hear anything,” he states along with some laughter.

The next band to play was Citizen, with members from Toledo and Detroit. They started their performance with the song “Sleep” from their debut album Sleep (2013). This set made many people even more ready for the headliners to go on. The energy of the set switched from fast to slow, but was never lack-luster. The last song Citizen played was “The Summer.”  

Turnover from Virginia Beach were next up for the night. Their softer, more laidback sound gave fans some time to take a break from crowd surfing and moshing to bop to some calmer music. “Super Natural” from their third album Good Nature (2017) was their opener to the set, and “Hello Euphoria” from the band’s second album Peripheral Vision (2015)

Finally, the anticipation was at an all time high; The Story So Far was about to take the stage. Everyone was waiting patiently for them to begin, and once the first line of the title track from their newest album Proper Dose (2018) began, there did not seem to be a single person not moving. There were a lot of people crowd surfing, moshing, jumping, and singing all of the lyrics at the top of their lungs.

Sadly, the show eventually had to come to an end. Closing out their set, and the whole concert, the Story so Far played their hit “Quicksand” from their debut album Under Soil and Dirt (2011). Overall, it was definitely a day to remember.