What goes into a Bee’s diet?

What goes into a Bee’s diet?

Ryan Blake, Staff Writer

Contrary to popular belief, a Medina Bee does not solely consume honey; in fact, it is a much more complex process than that.

With a childhood obesity rate of about thirty percent (ages 12-19), schools are taking measures in order to keep children healthy. With a major meal coming from schools, the health of children can almost directly be related to what they are served in cafeterias.

Taking note of the aforementioned, Medina High School is constantly altering its menu with new and improved recipes that include healthier options for those who purchase school lunches. Whole grain breads have been widely substituted for the less health conscious, white bread. Certain cheeses have been replaced with reduced fat versions.

Run by Elizabeth Kiousis, the cafeteria at the high school is the proverbial well-oiled machine. All 15 employees having specific duties and responsibilities, which all work towards benefiting the common good. Luckily, the staff has been together for multiple years, and according to Kiousis, they know each other and work very well together. New staff is only brought in on special occasions like retirements.

The staff is made up of a vivacious bunch of people, with a wide range of ages and interests.

“My favorite part about being a part of the school day is being able to see each kid develop through their high school years, it is a really cool sight,” said Tina Wells, a glorified member of the lunch lady community.

With constant regulations and restrictions regarding to the things that go into students’ bodies, it is wonderful to see that the members who create these lunches are such an enthusiastic and health conscious group of people.