Top 10 Episodes of Friends

Kelly Elmore, Reporter

Could these episodes BE any better? Friends is one of those shows that you can watch when you’re feeling down. It’s hilarious, heartwarming, and arguably has some of the best characters from any fictional universe.

When Friends was airing in the 90’s and early 2000’s, millions of people tuned in each week to watch their favorite group of adults struggle to be, well, adults! Everyone has their personal favorite episode (mine is The One Where Nana Dies Twice), but records show which episodes were viewed the most, and thus a lot of people’s favorites. Ratings of the show come from and the descriptions of the episodes come from

The 10th most watched episode of Friends is part two of The One After the Superbowl. Number 9 is logically part one of the same episode, from season two. During these two episodes, Ross tries to reconnect with his former pet monkey, Marcel. Marcel is now a big movie star, so he visits him on set. Joey is off dating a woman who thinks he is his character, Dr. Drake Ramoray, in real life. Monica and Rachel are busy fighting over one of Marcel’s costars, Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The One Where the Monkey Gets Away comes in at number eight. This episode from season one is full of twists. Rachel babysits Marcel, but loses him. Ross had been planning to finally ask her out, but instead panics over finding his monkey! Animal control is called, Mr. Heckles is there, and Phoebe saves the day. It’s a typically chaotic Friends episode.

Number seven is The One With the Monkey, from Season 1. This is where Marcel makes his first appearance. This is also the episode where Phoebe meets David, a scientist who became her first real love. The friends have a New Year’s Eve party during this episode, and have a ‘no date pact’ that is broken by all but Ross, who brings Marcel.

At number six is from season eight, The One Where Joey Dates Rachel. In this episode, Joey takes Rachel out on a date, thinking he’s just doing it to be a good friend. He realizes that he’s falling in love with her, however. At the Bing-Geller house, Chandler has been playing Pac Man all day. Ross struggles with getting to his seminar on time after teaching his class, which is halfway across town.

The number five slot goes to The One Where Joey Tells Rachel from season eight. This one was filled with drama. Joey works up the courage to tell Rachel he is falling in love with her, which Ross found out about. Ross has to deal with this knowledge, and Joey has to deal with Rachel’s rejection of his feelings.

Number four is The One With Rachel’s Dream from the ninth season. Chandler plans a romantic weekend away for Monica, but she has to work, so he goes with Ross. Ross eats a few too many maple candy, leaving Chandler to deal with him during his sugar high. Joey acts out a scene with Rachel to practice for his show, and she begins to think about him differently.

The second and third most watched episodes The One in Barbados part one and two from season nine. During these two episodes, there’s a lot of drama. David shows up to propose to Phoebe, but Mike is also planning to propose to her. Ross and Charlie bond over their shared interests. Charlie and Joey had been dating, but realized they weren’t right for each other, and broke up. Ross and Charlie took the chance to start dating, and so did Joey and Rachel.

And the number one most watched episode of Friends is the first episode of season ten, right after the second and third most watched episodes. The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss had the largest amount of views when it first aired. That is obviously because we were all dying to see what would happen after Joey and Rachel got together. The other friends listen through thin hotel walls as Joey and Rachel kiss and Ross and Charlie kiss. On the flight home from Barbados, Joey and Ross have a conversation but Joey can’t tell him about Rachel. Meanwhile, Mike breaks up with Precious (his current girlfriend- whoops!) to be with Phoebe, and Monica gets rid of her cornrows.

Friends has been an incredibly influential show on a lot of people, and is a lot of people’s favorite show. Many us have had our sense of humor shaped by Friends and we look to the show in times of sadness to cheer us up.