When the Fallout Settles

When the Fallout Settles

Mara Smith, Photo Editor

Fallout 76, the long-awaited game from Bethesda, has finally made itself a reality on November 14th, 2018. Serving as a prequel to the rest of the Fallout series, and as the ninth Fallout game, it has quite high expectations. Fallout 76 is also the first in the series to add online multiplayer as an option.

The game, set in West Virginia, is based after multiple atomic bombs hit America in a futuristic world war. It results in a post-apocalyptic environment. The only survivors left were those who hid in underground vaults scattered all around the world. 25 years later, the dwellers of Vault 76 are reintroduced into a harsh, unforgiving world. Bethesda honors West Virginia’s folklore and ancient stories, incorporating creatures like Wendigos and the Mothman into the gameplay.

Things that caught my eye during the gameplay were the massive amount of detail and care that went into this game; such as the item placements and the silly little details like setting a banjo on a cliff, looking over the beautiful mountains and hills of West Virginia.

Other things that really sparked my interest were the breathtaking amounts of lore that are scattered throughout the world. Vault Tech’s college grounds hold revolting secrets about their corrupt practices, and morals. Other stories end in a happier tone, like the story of the family who made it into a vault safely. Lore in this game is rampant, whether it be little Easter eggs, or whole buildings dedicated to telling a story.

On a more concerning note, people have found ways to hack the game and acquire the launch code for the in-game nukes, which Bethesda resets every 24 hours. This problem is quite troubling, seeing how someone can now demolish everyone’s work on a server in less than three minutes.

With this new kind of gameplay, there are quite a few other questions and worries rising. The most recent issue being the problem with the beta version released on October 30th. Instead of loading Fallout 76, the system deletes all 50GB of your game, causing you to download the game again.

This bug was fixed shortly after its release, with only a few minor setbacks. Pushing that problem back into the past, with a bright look into the future, it should be an excellent game to play. Seeing how breathtaking the graphics look, a promise of excellent gameplay awaits! Fallout 76 is sure to knock your socks off and to change your view of the entire game series!