Get a Clue!

Jordan Walker, Reporter

From decorating the library, to finding a fake dead body, to a school-wide version of the classic board game, Clue, what was up with this week long, murder mystery madness? As many of you know, Medina High School held its first game of Clue on October 29th through November 2nd. This game was the brainchild of Mrs. Lippincott and high school senior, Mya Moore.

Moore and Lippincott were thinking about Halloween decorations for the Media Center when Mya proposed the idea of having a fake dead body for a creepy murderer theme. Mrs. Lippincott quickly shot down that idea, but it got her thinking about murder mysteries and the game of Clue. From there, the rest is history.

After working out the logistics, they spread the word. They would be accepting 10 teams of 3-4 people each. In total, 28 teams signed up, Lippincott said, “It was way more than we expected, we then knew we had to give them a game worth playing.” The teams ranged from freshmen to seniors, and even a group of teachers.

The game itself was like a mix of Clue and The Amazing Race. It was similar to Clue when it came to the rules and the objective: find the correct suspect, murder weapon, and location. There were 10 suspects, 6 school themed “weapons” and 6 locations around the school. Every morning the teams were given either a riddle, a code, or a language puzzle to decipher. Those riddles led them to a spot where they would find the clue, and cross it off the list just like in the board game.

The Amazing Race part comes in as the students run around the school, wildly trying to be the first to find a clue. Every team received a map of the school with each teacher’s name on their room and what they taught so that they were not lost. “Also, the clues had to be in a public place.” said Mrs Lippincott.

The winning team was comprised of Emily Updyke, Ryan Holdman, and Brooke Mirtich. I had the pleasure of interviewing Emily and she gave me some insight on a team’s perspective of the game.

Her team took the game very seriously; they wanted that Jimmy John’s lunch, which was the prize for winning. According to Emily, “We were at the school everyday at 6:45 looking for clues.”

On the day the teams had to turn in their answer, Emily recalled, “We were 100% sure we had it right, it was all a matter of timing.” They just barely beat the team of teachers by minutes. Emily’s team was announced as the winners. They did not receive their Jimmy John’s lunch because they don’t deliver until 11:00 A.M. The team celebrated with Panera instead.

When asked if she could change one thing about the game, Emily said, “Add a story that will make it more compelling.”

Although Mya will be in college next year, Mrs. Lippincott still hopes to do it again bigger and better. So, if you missed your chance this year, there is always next year to get your Clue on!