Decking the Halls and Decorating the Square


Hannah Petrosky

This is a picture of Medina High School’s Key Club, Student Council, and Girls Leadership Club working on the center gazebo at the square.

Hannah Petrosky, Reporter

Bells are jingling, chestnuts are roasting, and fires are roaring as the holiday season quickly approaches. As the snowflakes begin to fall to the earth, the citizens of Medina, Ohio are starting to get into the holiday spirit. The spirit of giving to be exact! Not only are citizens of Medina getting into spirit, but Medina High School students are giving back as well.

Medina High School’s Student Council, Key Club, and Girls Leadership Club helped decorate the square on Sunday, November 11th for the holiday season starting at 9:00 a.m.

According to Saray Torres, a sophomore member of Key Club, around fifty people showed up to decorate. Torres also stated that it took about an hour and a half.

¨In the beginning it was kinda hectic because there were a lot of people,¨ Torres stated, ¨Then it was pretty smooth after that. It was pretty fun.¨

With so many people wanting to decorate the square, it leaves one question in many people’s minds: why did they want to decorate?

According to Torres, ¨I always saw the square getting decorated. I thought it was cute, so I wanted to be a part of it.¨

For many people, holidays are the best time of the year. They cannot wait to start decorating and be a part of the action.

Torres stated, ¨I like to celebrate Christmas early, so I think the timing was fine.¨

Emily Metcalf, a sophomore at Medina High School, said that it is ¨never too early¨ to decorate. Metcalf also believes that the most appropriate time to decorate is ¨around Thanksgiving, which it is.¨ According to Metcalf, the square decorating happened at the perfect time.

Many, like Torres and Metcalf, have started to get into the festive spirit of giving.  The square had been decorated and the trees have been lit, holiday season has officially began in the city of Medina!