Country of the Week- Switzerland!

Brian Dreifke, Reporter

Switzerland is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Switzerland borders France, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Germany. Most people tend to think of Switzerland as mainly a product producer. According to (myswitzerland)Switzerland as a producer of many fine products, such as: cheese, chocolate, watches, knives and many more various items. We know them for quality, but we often pass up Switzerland for its other natural beauties, like the Swiss Alps and Lauterbrunnen Valley. The country is largely covered by vast mountainous regions and forests. In between the natural wonders of Switzerland sits small remote villages etched in culture and rich in diversity.

Some of the most notable and  popular villages in Switzerland accoring to(theculturetrip) include: Guarda, Morcote, and Interlaken. Switzerland is one a country for outdoor people including hikers, campers, and even photographers-considering the landscapes and photo opportunities!  In the 1800’s, many of the Swiss colonists built these villages as settlements. These villages have old architecture, and Swiss customs built into their walls.

One of the most celebrated and cultural influences is music. During the years of colonization and settlement, the Swiss developed a traditional style of music. This music is known as alpine folk, and it is played with traditional instruments, including: accordion, violin, clarinet, jews harp, and dulcimer(fretted string instrument). This music developed over generations, and became a major tradition which remains to modern day.

Moreover, Switzerland has massive music festivals in the villages and as well swiss cities. In villages the swiss also have made a name in fine craftsmanship in again, things like watches, knives, furniture, and have created fine recipes. The Swiss live very peaceful and happy lifestyles. Traditionally, they have lived this way since their colonization. In the 1800’s, the Swiss signed an international neutrality treaty and have stayed neutral for over 200 years; including both World Wars. During this time they took many refugees. Since they are located in the center of Europe, and many countries were involved in the wars, many people fled to Switzerland, which led the country into a more diverse atmosphere. People fled from Germany, France, Austria, Italy and many other countries. This introduced Switzerland to many new cultures and customs which they adapted to overtime.

This made Switzerland one of the worlds most diverse and interesting countries. This country is filled with a heavy European influence, due to the combination of many many different individual European countries! During the war, people from almost every European nation fled to this country for safety. Due to the country’s neutrality policy, many people can avoid about war or conflict, which makes this a country to settle down in. Regardless, for vacation, if you’re someone who likes hiking, skiing, cold weather, history, and a hobby for craftsmanship- this country is a must see!