Editorial Contest: Pollution Solution

Informed Understanding Should Drive Action

Kristin Vendel, Student Correspondent

The world has changed drastically over the course of its life. Many positive things come from these changes, but also many negative things. Pollution is a massive problem in the world today, and actions need to be taken to change that. National Parks are suffering, climate change is increasing, and population is growing rapidly. Being more cautious in your everyday life can help save the planet, because pollution is growing everyday. Noticing your everyday life habits and being more green could save the world we live in.

National Parks are extraordinarily beautiful places, but that is changing due to pollution. According to a New York Times article titled “Stopping Climate Change is Hopeless. Let’s Do It.” National Parks’ ozone levels have increased to similar levels of those in the world’s 20 most ¨metropolitan areas.¨ Multiple studies from Science Advances show that the high levels of pollution in Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier, the Grand Tetons, and the Grand Canyon can be dangerous in some areas for small children and very elderly people.

Recycling is the first step to being more green and clean. Pollution has led to many new issues, such as climate change. Auden Schendler and Andrew P. Jones state, ¨Our actions must be to scale, so while we undertake individual steps in our lives…This work must be habitual.¨ Humans have caused this to occur to the Earth and we are the only ones who can fix it. Taking the time to ride a bike instead of a car, walking two feet further to recycle that bottle instead of putting it in the trash can, and refusing to use harsh chemicals in everyday products are all ways we could help save the planet. There are so many ways to keep our planet clean but I believe people have become too careless to even realize that they are damaging the ground we walk on.

Population grows everyday, and people are growing along with ¨industrialization and urbanization¨ causing pollution to grow. There are ways for gas emissions to be lessened and as the population grows that becomes more and more important. Conserving energy and finding more efficient ways to live will save the future from pollution and dangers in climate change. According to World Health Organization ¨an estimated 12.6 million people die from environmental health risks annually.¨ This number is enormous, and is constantly growing.

In conclusion, people need to be aware of what impact they have on the Earth and need to take action. Being green is just as simple as not being green; it takes an extra couple of seconds, and in the end it could save the world for millions of more years. Humans take and take from the planet and it is time to give back, and save our home. I believe if more people know what is happening, and if they know that rate at which it is occuring, they would act differently.