Decoration Insanity


Hannah Petrosky

This is a photo of the square during candlelight walk on November 11th.

Hannah Petrosky, Reporter

Holidays. People go insane with decorations around this time of year; trees packed with ornaments, lights perfectly strung on houses, stockings hung with care. The age old question has gone unanswered: when is too early to decorate? Some people start listening to holiday music before Halloween, others believe it is not right to decorate until December 1st. Then, there are those in between! So, when is it truly appropriate to start decorating?

Medina High School students have many different views on the right time to get into the festive spirit. Sophomore Sadie O’Neil, stated, “I get in the holiday spirit towards the end of November.” Like O’Neil, other high school students said they start to get into the festive season after Thanksgiving. However, some do not necessarily have a set time to start decorating.

Saray Torres, a sophomore at Medina High School, explained that she gets “into the holiday spirit when [she] walk[s] into a store and see[s] all the Christmas decorations already up,” which can be anywhere from October to November.

Decorating a house, or simply one room, can take various amounts of time, depending on how many decorations families decide to put up.

“I spend around a couple of hours,” sophomore Spencer Bradford stated in regards to how long he spends decorating. He also added, “One of those hours I spend trying to make sure my dog, Chubs, doesn’t eat any of the decorations.”

On average, high school students spend a couple hours decorating. However, some may be like sophomore Dana Rabung, who stated, “the decorating process normally takes around three days at my house.”

Personally, it takes about a week to decorate my house, since my family decorates every room with a different theme. Time varies from person to person. Therefore, do people decorate too early because of the amount of time it takes?

Freshman Aurora Brown stated that, “I think that sometimes people will decorate too early.” She also added, “After Halloween I’ll be in the car and see Christmas lights already up and it’s only the beginning of November.”

Bradford also agreed that people decorate for the holidays too early. “At least let Halloween pass over,” He comments. Although, the majority of people believe that it is not too early.

Rabung said, “Most people wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas, which is the perfect time, I think. As long as it has snowed, putting up decorations is great family time.”

With the talk of holidays is swarming the Medina Bees, many wonder what is so special about flashing lights and cold weather.

¨I think people enjoy the happy atmosphere and winter feel that Christmas decorations give off, so they want to put them up as soon as possible,” Rabung stated, “The longer they are up, the longer they can be enjoyed.”

Many people also believe that it is a great opportunity to spend time with family and loved ones.

Now with a set time frame for decorating and the knowledge of why people get so excited about the holidays, it is officially time to sip on hot chocolate and string up some lights. Happy Holidays to all, and to all a great end of the year!