The Office Holiday Favorites!

Iris Paterson, Reporter

During the holiday season, everyone loves to curl up on the couch with some cookies, a blanket, and to watch some good, mindless television shows.

One very popular show that many people enjoy year-round, but especially love the Christmas episodes, is The Office. Here’s a list of the best Christmas episodes of The Office!

Medina High School student Crystal Kulow says her favorite holiday episode of the show is the Season 6 holiday episode titled “Secret Santa.” During the episode, salesman Jim Halpert allows saleswoman Phyllis Vance to dress up as Santa Claus and hand out Christmas gifts to the rest of the employees during the holiday party. Regional manager Michael Scott is outraged when he comes into the office, also dressed as Santa, and sees Phyllis in the same costume. In typical Michael Scott fashion, he makes a huge deal out of the situation, and demands Jim to tell Phyllis she cannot wear the costume.

My personal favorite holiday episode of the show is the season 5 holiday special “Moroccan Christmas.” This holiday special is absolutely hilarious from beginning to end. It starts off with Dwight sitting down at a desk made of wrapping paper, courtesy of Jim. This prank sets the humorous tone of the episode. Throughout the show, Dwight is shown buying dolls and selling them for an inflated price of $200, and Angela is revealed to be cheating on Andy with Dwight. Overall, this is one of the funniest episodes of the series.

Another Medina High School student, Drew Lazor, says the season 8 holiday episode “Christmas Wishes” is his favorite. During this episode, Andy Bernard tried to make all of the employees’ Christmas wishes come true, as the title suggests. There is an awkward encounter between Bernard’s current and ex-girlfriend when they both show up to the company Christmas party.

    Overall, watching your favorite holiday editions of any television show is a great way to pass the time during your winter break!