The Nightmare Before Christmas: Christmas or Halloween Movie?

Mara Smith, Photo Editor

As Christmas tiptoes around the corner, and Thanksgiving and Halloween are pushed farther into the forgotten lands of the past, a question arises within the minds of our fellow classmates: is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? To answer this, we took a look at some of the key elements and ideas for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

A long and undecided conflict is whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is truly a Halloween classic, or a twisted Christmas movie. Many argue that it must be a Halloween movie because it takes place in Halloween Town, and that the main character’s name is Jack Skellington.

Others believe that it’s absolutely a Christmas movie. It not only has “Christmas” in the name, but it also takes place during the season of Christmas-with Santa Claus involved heavily in the story!

Both of these sides have a true and unsuspecting flaw that no one really sees until someone else points it out.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, being a Christmas movie, as it would suggest in the title, needs at least a few things. The movie already has Santa Claus but is it missing key components to being a movie about the cheery Christmas season? Well yes, it is. Why is this, you might ask? Simple, It’s supposed to be that way!

Yes, The Nightmare Before Christmas is both a Christmas and a Halloween movie, so both sides of the argument win. In fact, in an interview with Tim Burton himself in 1993, he confirmed this by saying “It was meant to be both” when asked whether the movie was meant to be a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie.

Likewise, when interviewed by the Medinamite, Olivia Rose said; “It’s both, because it is a Halloween movie. Based in Halloween Town, but it shows Christmas day and is showing a Santa character trying to become Santa and give gifts to children, trying to make them happy..”

But in Meghan Brady’s own words, “It explores the lore behind both holidays.”

Proving that it truly is a movie for both seasons.