Hot Cocoa

Kelly Elmore, Reporter

After a busy day of playing in the snow, running errands, or having a long day at school, there’s nothing better than drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate. There are many different ways to make hot chocolate, and many people have different favorites.

     You can buy packets of hot chocolate powder to mix into heated water or milk, make the hot chocolate at home using a family recipe, or heat the milk or water on the stove and add a few special elements to your warm drink, to name a few.

     Personally, my grandma makes the best hot chocolate on the stove. It reminds me of the winter days of my childhood, and that is my definite favorite! If you’d like to make your own cup of my personal favorite hot chocolate, you’ll need:

  • 3 tbsp of Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa baking powder
  • 3 tbsp of granulated sugar
  • 8 oz of milk
  • 1 tsp of vanilla

On the stove, heat up the milk. Then, add the cocoa powder, vanilla, and sugar, and stir until everything is efficiently mixed. This recipe makes 1 delicious cup of cocoa. Enjoy!

     Other Medina students also have their own favorite kinds of hot chocolate. Daeja Basford, a sophomore here at MHS, prefers to make hers with the powder packets you can buy at the store. When she heats it up, she uses milk, and likes to put marshmallows on it.

     Aliza Morgan, another sophomore, also prefers to make hers with the packets and milk. The difference is she likes to put whipped cream on her hot chocolate.

One of the best parts about this flavorful beverage is what you can put on top of it. Marshmallows are a classic, but you can also drizzle gooey caramel or chocolate into it, or add cinnamon and whipped cream. Or all four. Go crazy!

Another option for getting a good cup of cocoa is going somewhere and order it. It’s easy to just pop into a shop that sells hot cocoa on your way home from school.

     Senior Britney Lemon likes to go to Dunkin’ Donuts to get her hot chocolate, especially the frozen hot chocolate. When she makes it at home, however, she also uses packets and milk. She enjoys putting marshmallows and chocolate chips into her warm drink.

     Hot chocolate is a warm drink loved by many at Medina High School. You can make it yourself at home, either by hand or with packets, or you can go and get it from somewhere. Truly, the best part about hot chocolate is the endless topping possibilities!