Classic Tunes of Christmas

Elizabeth Toth, Copy Editor

A great way to start the Christmas season is by listening to your favorite Christmas songs! Be it a classic, a musical number, or a brand new Christmas album, there’s a Christmas song for everyone. Here are some of Medina’s favorites.

Nailah Williams’ favorite Christmas song is “This is Halloween,” from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. She enjoys listening to it with her sister, and thinking of the happiness of eating candy and sugary treats. “It’s my favorite because you can hear all the different harmonies from all the different ghouls and Halloween creatures,” Williams explained.

“All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey is a common favorite. Jae Stiffler and Abbi Acurio both agreed that it is their favorite.

Acurio likes the song because “it’s a bop” and she and Williams listen to it together. Stiffler enjoys it because “it has a lot of riffs and I’m in choir and I like singing them.”

Stiffler also starts listening to Christmas music early, even as early as September!

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is Ethan Weil’s favorite Christmas song. When he listens to it, he thinks of Rudolph’s “red nose and Christmas lights.”

The main reason Weil chose this song ,is because he likes to listen to it with his grandparents. “Me and my grandfather, we would look at Christmas lights listening to this song,” he explained.

Tammy Wolanin’s favorite Christmas song is “Frosty the Snowman.” “I don’t know the lyrics, but it’s a bop,” she admitted. When Wolanin listens to this song, she often thinks of ice cream.

Mary Steffen chose “Last Christmas” as her favorite Christmas song. “Not only is there a funky beat, but it’s got a really deep meaning behind it that I feel like a lot of people could take into their Christmas season,” she stated. Steffen thinks that this song is not only a Christmas song, but “an every day of the year song.”

“I think of how last Christmas, things might’ve gone bad, but this Christmas, they’re gonna go good, and you’re gonna get through it,” said Steffen. Way to bring the holiday cheer!