Holidays with Loved Ones

Jacob Novicky, Reporter

Cookie baking, tree decorating, Christmas caroling, and sled riding are all popular family traditions this time of year. Each family in Medina has their own special way that they celebrate the holidays.

Lexi Kurt’s family celebrates “a few weeks before Christmas,” and she elaborates, “We have a family Christmas party at my grandpa’s. We all get together with all my cousins [and] on Christmas we also go to my great-grandmother’s house as a family, everyone gathers there to have a meal.”

“Before Christmas,” Kurt continues. “we always go to my grand aunt’s house and we have a cookie day, where all of the girls go and make a dozen cookies for each family and we share them all and have a fun day together.” Her favorite family tradition is “going to [her] grandpa’s house for the christmas party [to] play a bunch of games together.”

Movie watching is one of the many things Mike Hamula’s family does to celebrate the holidays. He explains, “As a family, we always watch our favorite Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation. We also go to my grandma’s house. We call her ‘Crazy Nana,’ and we have Crazy Nana Christmas, which every year is the most fun Christmas ever. As a family, we all put ornaments on the tree; I get to see my cousins, my aunts, and it is all a fun time.”

Searching for the family Christmas tree is a family tradition in the Valentine house according to Oscar Valentine. “Usually we would go to get our Christmas tree at a place called Gail House, which we have done since I was really little,” He stated. “We always decorated the tree either a day or two days after Thanksgiving. It’s never in between [and] never after that many days. We always have family Christmas with my grandparents on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas morning we go over their house again after we are done with our stuff first.”

Valentine continued, “We usually have a ham on Christmas, and we always make chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes my grandma makes special Christmas cookies.” His favorite tradition out of them all is “going to the Gail House because there’s always food there and the Christmas trees are really big.”

As for myself, playing family games like “white elephant bingo” is Novicky family tradition. The day after Thanksgiving we always decorated the Christmas tree and our house. As a family, we baked all different kinds of cookies, like peanut butter kisses, snow balls, sugar cookies, and pizzelles, an Italian cookie.

Every year on Christmas Eve, my family and I go to my aunt’s house. We open our gifts from youngest to oldest, play a lot of games, have a lot of family competitions, and we eat Italian food.

On Christmas morning, my family and I go to church, and then we open all of our presents. Every year we either watch the Polar Express or Christmas Vacation. Usually on Christmas day, my extended family comes over for a Christmas dinner.

Happy Holidays, Medina! Make those year-round traditions count!