Christmas Traditions; Religious and Secular

Tera Roberts, Reporter

Christmas is approaching! Lights are being seen all over houses, and ornaments are being brought out of their boxes to be placed on the tree. Many families don’t celebrate Christmas around this time, but it’s up to them and their families to celebrate the holidays in different ways.

With Christmas, some people view the holiday as a religious one, while others are more secular. The different traditions which come with each type of celebration are what make Christmas so jolly. Whether that be spending time with your family and friends, going to church or mass, exchanging presents or even making treats, the day is yours.

Christmas as a religious holiday is a very broad topic. The different branches of religion give opportunities for families to celebrate it in their own unique way. 

Senior and class president, Mattie Sowers, explained how her family celebrates Christmas with religious views.

“I do consider it religious. We haven’t done it in a few years, but every Christmas we would go through this box that my dad’s friend gave him about the sacrifice Jesus made,” She recalls. “There was a baby blanket made of thin cloth material, a nail and a candle, each with brief explanations behind them. It’s about recognizing the birth of Jesus, but also what he has done for us. It’s very beautiful, but also very heartbreaking,” explained Sowers.

Christmas to Sowers and her family is a very special day of celebration and recognition. She mixes religious tradition with her own personal ones. 

Others see Christmas as a secular holiday, not relating to the religious aspect of it. Senior Jennie White, and her family, celebrate the holidays this way.

“To me, Christmas is more about my family being together. We open presents around the tree and make a big dinner. Spending time with family matters more to me, and leaves me with good memories,” She said. “I believe people who celebrate Christmas religiously are also doing it right. There is no wrong way to enjoy the holidays. I respect it completely, it’s just not what my family and I do. It’s different for everybody,” Jennie explained.

There truly is no wrong way to enjoy Christmas. Whatever makes your heart feel warm and cozy is what’s right. Being able to spend time with family, eat yummy food, and celebrate traditions is what makes Christmas a magical day. Whatever you may be doing, make it a day to remember. Have a safe and happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or even month of December in general. Let’s get festive!