A Winter Wonderland

Sarah Hoag and Reilley Banning

As the holidays approach, you may need something to do that gets you in the Christmas mood. Castle Noel is the perfect venue for people of all ages; including teenagers, and is filled with wholesome, family-friendly fun. Dive into the Blizzard Vortex with editors Sarah and Reilley, as we time travel to our youthful days and experience the true magic of Christmas!


Castle Noel is a place where the Christmas spirit is alive and well. The entrance is a gift shop, and it was here that we spoke with electronics technician Allan Redmon to see what this wondrous place has to offer.


“Mark, the owner, is a master artist,” Redmond said. “All the sculptures you see here in the display, and in the gift shop, he sculpted by hand.”

Sarah Hoag
The Castle Noel gift shop, located at the entrance.


The gift shop is just the beginning. We took the hour-and-a-half long tour throughout the depths of the castle, and its cheery contents amazed us.


Castle Noel keeps everything “fresh and new,” as Redmond stated. One of the most defining aspects of this winter wonderland is the abundance of Christmas movie props, “[which Mark] purchases through auctions.”


“We have hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of movie props from Christmas movies.” Redmond says. “The Santa Clause movies starring Tim Allen, we have over seven hundred props from The Grinch starring Jim Carrey, we have the costume worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All the Way when he played Turbo Man, the costume for his sidekick, Booster, among many others.”

Sarah Hoag
Caption: Cindy Lou Who’s Room from How the Grinch Stole Christmas starring Jim Carrey, currently on display.


Other delightful treats were the rows of Christmas window displays brought directly to Medina from New York City. Windows from Sax Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, and many other big stores deck the halls of Castle Noel.


“They literally only make these windows to run for about 60 days,” Redmond comments. He explains the process of getting the recycled windows ready for viewing, “When we get them, we have to re engineer them to run every time, on time. That way, when you guys see them on display, they’re working and doing what they’re supposed to be do. That’s a big key point in the stuff that we do here.”

One of the many animatronic window displays at Castle Noel. 

Reilley Banning



A new addition to the castle is the Infinity Room: a spectacular display of turning cultural masterpieces. And where is this tiny trip around the world from? Bloomingdale’s, of course!


Each turning table represents a different country; you can see a tiny versions of the iconic brown bag or box, all spelling out “Bloomingdale’s.” That’s not all that is in this breathtaking Infinity Room: the ceiling has an optical illusion. There are twenty sparkly snowflakes of different shapes and sizes, but the backsides of the snowflakes are different colors.


This combined, with the mirrored ceiling, makes it look like there are hundreds of glittering snowflakes up above, and hundreds of Bloomingdale’s boxes all around you!

Sarah Hoag
One of the rotating Bloomingdale’s boxes.


Another new and exciting addition is an animatronic Yeti: a big surprise towards the end of the tour. It will dance for you, and The Yeti made everyone in the room sing to a classic Christmas carol.The singing Yeti is a great way to get into the joy of holiday season, but make sure to sit towards the middle!

Sarah Hoag
The adorable and festive Yeti with a heart for the stage!

Castle Noel is a blast for the whole family. They have something for everyone. Not only do they have props and set items from movies, along with costumes and the classic A Christmas Story slide, but at the end you get a picture with Santa Claus. Go and see for yourself down at Castle Noel, and kick off the holidays by learning about holiday movie magic.