Medinamite Staff Holiday Traditions

Emma Davis, Senior Editor

The holiday season is upon us. This means cocoa, warm fires, sparkling lights, and quality time with the people you care most about. As such, every family or friend group has their own holiday traditions, and our Medinamite staff members are no exception!

Personally, I celebrate Christmas, and thus I have Christmas-related traditions of my own. Firstly, every Christmas Eve, my family goes to church, where we sing holiday hymns and light candles for an awesome evening. There’s nothing more interesting or amazing than a darkened room, lit only by the candlelights’ glow, whilst a chorus of music floats through the air.

I am uncertain as to whether Halloween or Christmas is my favorite holiday, but either way, I obsess over Christmas! I have always been that person who wears Christmas sweaters or listens to the Rudolph soundtrack from the day Halloween is over (if not beforehand). It’s a tradition!

Likewise, I was sad to say goodbye to one of my long-loved traditions this year. Every year for as long as I can remember, I have gone to my grandparents for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving morning my grandpa, brother, and I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade before heading out to put up Christmas decorations. Now, I don’t just mean a few decorations– my grandfather notably goes a bit overboard. This year, for the first time ever, it was too cold to do the decorations, which I definitely missed!

Furthermore, our Medinamite Junior Editor, Reilley Banning, has her own traditions. She celebrates with her family; specifically her mom, dad, brother, sister, and her sister’s boyfriend. Banning stated, “My favorite part [of the holiday] is probably the Christmas movies on Hallmark that play 24/7. They play all the time at my house!” Moreover, she explained, “On Christmas Eve, my mom gives us all matching pajamas that she makes, and we kind of sit around and talk, and go in the car to drive around and see all the Christmas lights.”

Reporter Hannah Petrosky also celebrates with family and close friends. She excitedly relayed, “I like decorating because we have 17 trees, and one of them is 12 feet, but that process takes a whole week full of eggnog, Christmas music, and cookies! On Christmas Eve my family has a big Christmas party, and we all get together and do a gift exchange with the little kids.”  

Lastly, one of our copy editors, Sarah Hoag, shared her own traditions. Hoag elaborated, “My favorite part of Christmas is all the parties and events. It’s a lot of fun to just relax and have fun with my loved ones. The Christmas spirit is really contagious!” She said. “As far as traditions go, my family always makes this Croatian Easter bread called ‘Pinca.’ It’s a delicious sweet bread we usually have around Easter, but we decided to make it as well. My mom went through a lot of trouble to perfect the recipe, and it’s literally heaven!”

What are your own traditions? We would love to know! Write your favorite parts of Christmas down in the comments section!