What’s it like to be on a Basketball Team?

Jacob Novicky, Reporter

The Battling Bees once again showed their Medina pride as they defeated two of the top teams in Northeast Ohio, to run their record to 3-0 this past weekend!

The Bees shocked the highschool basketball world with wins over number 13th, Euclid, and 9th, Revere this past weekend. With Corey Tripp and Kyle Szumski’s leadership, Doug Saratin’s hot shooting, and all around great team playing the Bees were able to emerge victorious. The boys are off to a faster start than expected, and the team is enjoying their time on the hardwood.

Working together is a key to team success, Trip explained.“Being a part of this basketball team is a blessing. It’s like a family; everybody knows each other, and everybody loves each other.”

One of the Senior leaders, Dan Terrion, feels “it’s just a good time, you get to do a lot of things, see a lot of different places, play a bunch of good teams, and it’s very competitive.”

Coach Hassinger is one of the reasons why players enjoy being on the team. “It’s an honor to play to under Coach Hass, and it’s just awesome to be a part of a team where everyone gets along,” stated junior Jadin Clark.

Winning basketball games takes a lot of team effort and hard work. The most difficult part is the time. “We spend a lot of time doing it, especially with school, and if you are working too, time consumption is pretty difficult,” according to Terrion.

Reaching your goals doesn’t come easy. “You have to work everyday, you have to work to be good, and you can’t slack,” commented Tripp.

Basketball is not too difficult for junior Doug Sartain. He stated, “I love basketball; I like to say there’s nothing difficult, just the hard work. That’s not difficult for me, that’s fun for me.”

They all enjoy the game of basketball, and are looking forward to much success this year, enjoying the game on and off the court. Terrion said, “My favorite part is the game; I love being around my teammates, managers, coaches, and being in the gym is a fun time. I love the game itself, I just love the game of basketball; I love the tempo, the pace of the game, the competitiveness and the game all around.”

Corey has been playing basketball his whole life, and has great expectations for himself. “I love everything about the sports, I have been playing my own life. My whole family is big on basketball.”

Medina boys basketball can dream big, with hard work, love of the game, and teamwork which could lead them to have a chance to make a good run in the playoffs this year. Come see the Battling Bees on Friday Dec. 14 at 7:30 as they take on conference rival Elyria.