Frosting and Signing

Sarah Hoag, Copy Editor

Medina’s American Sign Language (ASL) Club brought good tidings -and signings- at last week’s monthly meeting. Members made delicious Christmas cookies with sweet frosting and shiny sparkles, igniting excitement for the upcoming holiday season. The frosting came in vibrant reds, greens, and whites, and there were assorted sprinkles to match! Undecorated sugar and gingerbread cookies were brought as a base for the decorating to take place.

Sarah Hoag
Setting up!

Aliza Morgan, a sophomore who joined ASL Club this year, stated that this event, as well as their November turkey craft, were a few of her favorites out of this semester’s activities.


“I like all the crafts we do, especially the turkey one,” Morgan then explained the process of creating your own paper turkey. “You take a rectangular piece of paper, and you make it into a cone shape. Then, you trace your hands, like, seven times, and you staple those pieces to the back of the cone so that it looks like a little standing-up turkey.”


ASL Club’s events typically consist of hands-on activities to “tie it back” into the language, as President Rachel Knaggs stated.


“Once a year, we have our big Silent Dinner,” Knaggs said. “Last year, we went to Applebee’s. We go and we don’t talk; we only use sign language. That’s always a really cool event that’s highly attended every year.”


Joining the club was a great decision for Morgan, who had just begun ASL as a class this year. All my friends were basically here, so I wanted to have fun with them,” She stated. “I’m not in very many clubs, and I wanted to be in more.”

Sarah Hoag
Decorating artsy cookies with friends!

Not only is ASL Club a place to hang out with friends, it is also a place to celebrate the existence of sign language to learn more about it out of the classroom.


“I love ASL as a language, and the teachers are, like, okay, I guess.” Knaggs laughed. “Just kidding. The teachers are really cool and a lot of my friends are in ASL Club, so I said ‘Why not come to it this year?’ Last year I was a little too busy and I couldn’t join, so I decided to go for it.”


As Morgan and Knaggs finished up creating their yummy treats, the two of them highly recommended ASL Club to any high school student. “People here are really good friends, and we love to just mess around and have fun.” Knaggs commented.

Sarah Hoag

My own masterpieces! Photo taken by Sarah Hoag


Furthermore, I participated in the meeting and made a few of my own Christmas cookies (and might have snagged some on the way home)! For more information on ASL Club, please speak with Mrs. Jessup in Room 2206! There is also a new board next to the Lower White Guidance Office, with a conveniently hung ASL Club poster!