Orchestra Holiday Concert

Hannah Petrosky, Kelly Elmore, and

As the people of Medina arrive at the Performing Arts Center, the echoes of musical notes fill the hallways. Nervousness permeates the air as students prepare and tune their instruments. The audience floods into the theater and scramble to find a seat. As the orchestra takes center stage, the crowd claps in excitement. This will be a night to remember.

On December 4th, at 7:00 p.m., Medina High School’s orchestras held their holiday concert in the Performing Arts Center. Mansi Pathak, a sophomore at MHS who attended the show, stated, “I enjoyed each section. I feel that they prepared very well.” We agree that all the orchestras did very well in their Holiday Concert. They had a variety of holiday songs, both well known, and not as well known. Pathak stated that her favorite was “Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer.”

One of our favorite songs was “Themes From the Nutcracker”. The song was played by the Chamber Orchestra and was fantastic. “Requiem (The Fifth)” was played accompanied by a light show on the trees at both sides of the stage. This was an ode to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and it also added a nice touch to the overall amazing performance. Meghan Brady, a second violin in the string orchestra, said, “It was better than I expected it to be, and I think it was just because of all of the nerves.”When asked how she felt she did on a personal level, Meghan said, “I messed up a few times, but I think everyone messed up a few times, I think I did pretty good personally.”

Well the nerves definitely did not show as the performance was outstanding. Each orchestra showed off their uniqueness. Symphony Orchestra was the biggest, and had the most different instruments. Chamber Orchestra was the smallest, and String Orchestra was slightly bigger.  “I would say chamber was my favorite because the dynamic in the smaller orchestra was very nice and clear,” Pathak stated.  Personally, we thought the Symphony Orchestra was spectacular and played very well. Overall, all orchestras did such an amazing job. They were so good that we would attend another concert in the future.

“I would definitely attend another concert,” Pathak stated, “I feel that every single one of the musicians prepared very well.”

    All in all, the three Medina High School Orchestras never cease to amaze in their spectacular performances. From the stage decorations, to the song choices, even the performers’ facial expressions, the orchestra blew this concert out of the water. We both look forward to attending another concert and hope you do too.