SPICE Auditions

Iris Paterson, Reporter

On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, the auditions for the annual Medina High School talent show, SPICE, were held in the Middle Auditorium from 2:30pm until around 5pm. The students waiting to perform were allowed to practice in the senior commons area prior to their set audition time. The auditions were private, between only the student auditioning and Mr. Douglas.  The senior commons was buzzing with anticipation and excitement while everyone was waiting to audition for a spot in the show. There was a mix of people playing instruments, singing, dancing, and twirling flags around.  

The director of the auditions and SPICE itself, Mr. Douglas, says his favorite thing about the talent show is being a fan, and watching the performances from the crowd. “I organize the show, but I really enjoy being out in the audience during the performances. I get to be a fan. It’s very rewarding to see how much fun the performers have and to give them this special opportunity to be part of their school community outside of the classroom.”

This year’s performance differs from the previous years with the number of bands and large groups auditioning. “Way fewer bands and way fewer boys auditioning. Only 7 of the 30 auditioning groups this year had boys in them. I am really glad girls are participating– when I started, the numbers were probably opposite what they are now (mostly boys and only a few girls) and that wasn’t good either– but I just wonder where the boys went,” said Douglas. “There were tons of bands and larger groups. This year (and really the past 2 or 3 years), I had 30 groups, with a total of maybe 55 kids audition. Very few seniors. Most acts were solos or duets.” he adds.

However, he does not feel as though the performance will be lacking. “It’s still going to be a great show with plenty of great performances. I’m just not sure why the numbers are so down. Next year I am thinking about offering video auditions as a possibility. Maybe that flexibility will allow more students to audition.” Mr. Douglas is open to all types of auditions and performances, and does not have a preference. “I pretty much like anything. I love anything musical and some of the voices here at MHS are AMAZING. But it’s fun to see some of the different kind of acts that we get from time to time: juggling, competitive jump-roping, magic, comedy, martial arts, even a poetry reading. I also enjoy the big group numbers because they usually have so much onstage energy.”

If you were wondering how in-school was different from out-of-school, “In-school is just a small number of acts from the entire evening shows.” The in- school SPICE is limited to about 45 minutes, while the weekend performances consist of about 25 to 40 acts.
To the students planning to audition next year or in the years following, Mr. Douglas suggests planning ahead. “I encourage students to start thinking about next year’s SPICE now, or at least in the summer. Plan ahead, get your group together, even start practicing. Don’t wait until it’s announced in November. You know it’s coming every January. With a school of around 2500 students, I would like to see many, many more students involved– especially the seniors.”

Overall, SPICE is a very fun event and we’re all looking forward to the final performances!