Country of the Week: Brazil

Brian Dreifke, Reporter

Extraordinary from the top of the “Christ the Redeemer” statue, all the way down to the sandy beaches, Brazil is mindblowing. It is the largest country in South America by far, and is the 6th largest country in the world. Brazil offers a ton to see and experience in this large landmass.  From city parties and festivals, to some of the largest forest cover in the world. Brazil has a lot to see.

According to the fact file. The first settler arrived in 1502, in Brazil, in the Bay of Rio de Janeiro, which in translation means “the Bay of January”. Rio de Janeiro has been one of South America’s busiest cities on the entire continent. In recent years, Rio has been home to the FIFA world cup and also the Olympics. Brazil is the the only South American country to have featured the Olympics believe it or not. Rio is considered the culture capital of  Brazil due to the mix of old and new buildings, museums, the country’s interest music, literature, and of course the yearly Carnival celebration, but what is Carnival? Carnival is a huge celebration before Lent, where people party in the streets and hold parades that travel over 100 blocks of road. This festival is known as one of the biggest parties in the world and lasts for a couple days.

Now moving out of Rio, Brazil has so much more to offer. In the city of Sao Paulo, there is over 11 million inhabitants. The population of the city compares to those of New York and Los Angeles. Although Brazil has many modern cities and industrial advances, Brazil is home to many natural wonders, such as Iguassu Falls. Listed as a world heritage site it is home to some of the worlds’ largest waterfalls, and to see the base of the falls you  need to be airlifted by helicopter. Another natural wonder to see is the Jericoacoara village. This village is under environmental protection and became a national park in 2002. This is a place out of the busy cities of Brazil and very chill.

Overall Brazil has a little bit of everything, from dense forests, to sandy beaches with azure blue waters,  and some of the busiest cities in the world. Brazil is a very hot country due to the relation of the country to the equator. Brazil is a party country and one of the best places to visit for fun. The sounds of Samba music almost never stop and neither does the party.

  • Note from the editor: This is the Country of the Week from three weeks ago, we just received it. Thank you, dear readers, for your patience!