Holiday Choir Concert

Taylor Weyandt and Meghan Brady

The holiday spirit ran rampant as the chorus of voices rose. The Medina High School choir did a beautiful job of expressing this through singing. Last Thursday, December 6th, my co-author had the pleasure of attending the MHS Holiday Concert. The Holiday Concert consisted of favorite Christmas songs like “O Come All Ye Faithful,” the Medina classic “Hallelujah Chorus,” and the ever-entertaining piece “Fruit Cake.” Choir teacher Tyler Skidmore fantastically conducted all 6 choirs through their journey into the festive season with music.

The first choir was our school’s show choir, the Encore Entertainment Company. The choir sang their “Merry Christmas” opener, 5 favorite holiday songs, and the previously mentioned “Fruit Cake.” The next choir was Men’s Chorale, delighting the audience with “Jesus, Jesus Rest your Head” and “A Swingin’ Christmas.” Likewise, the Women’s Chorale performed “How Far Is it to Bethlehem” and a unique version of “Deck the Halls.”

While listening to the performances, I thought the choirs did amazing jobs of coming together in harmony and expressing their emotions through singing the beautiful pieces. When the choir members were learning the songs, they expressed how much they loved them and how they get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Our choirs also enjoyed making people laugh and smile during the performance. The choir members I interviewed were happy to tell me their favorite songs and how they felt about the performance. Josh Shakorah says, “I really liked learning the songs and being a part of the choir.”  

According to audience member Zoeigh Nichols, “It really got me in the Christmas vibe.” Nichols also said that “they had really good song choices.” She loved the performances made by Men’s Chorale “A Swingin’ Christmas.” While Zoeigh was explaining the masterpiece of this performance, she included that the choir made her laugh and she can’t wait for the performance next year. The perspectives of both the audience and the choir members on stage were very similar. While getting an interview from a choir member, Shakorah shared his values of being a choir member and said, “The choir concert was good and his favorite song was “Brightest and Best.’” In the end, the choirs’ performance was successful and had lots of people wanting to see more.