Poetry Out Loud

Mara Smith, Reporter

As some prepare to memorize study packets for the dreadful midterms, others have a little more on their plate. Poetry Out Loud, an event on November 27th required participants to memorize and recite two poems in front of three judges, as well as friends and family. When The Medinamite asked second place winner, Desiree Schafer what Poetry Out Loud means to them, they responded, “This is my first time doing Poetry Out Loud and it was an amazing experience. I had a lot of fun, and it was good to do something new. It was a little bit nerve racking, but in the end, I got through it and I was really happy about trying out.”

In Poetry Out Loud, students can sign up in the late fall or early winter to memorize two poems. Then, they are required to come to the first contest, where only three people will advance to the next competition. The contest is broken up into two parts, with only a small time where members are given a short break to talk to their friends and family, or rehearse their next poem. Once that time is up, it’s back to reciting the poems. This competition isn’t just about memorizing words, it’s also about adding life and soul into the poem of your choosing.


Sophomore Jessica Calloway remarked, “I really like standing in front of people and adding character to a poem.” In the end it doesn’t matter what place you received, or how well others think you did. Because in the end what matters is that you had fun. As competitive as it sounds, Poetry Out Loud is a competition purely for the fun and joy of pouring your heart and soul into memorising and reciting poems.