Holiday Band Concert

Zizi Toth, Copy Editor

Audience members of the Performing Arts Center were sure to be filled with the holiday spirit through carols and Christmas melodies from Medina High School Band members. On December 13th, Medina’s four bands held their annual holiday concert.

At 7:00 pm on Thursday, people looked for seats in excitement to hear some holiday cheer. They patiently awaited Freshmen Band to begin their first piece. Afterwards, the Concert Band performed. They played a variety of pieces, including “Let it Snow.” This song was french horn player Kristyn Kasper’s favorite piece she played in Concert Band. Before the concert, she felt confident. Afterwards, Kasper “felt proud of how we did, even if there were a few small mistakes.”

Flute player Cam Ratliff,  is also a member of Concert Band. Like Kasper, he also felt confident prior to the concert. As a result of the concert, he stated, “I felt pretty happy with how everything turned out.” 

The third band to play was the Concert Winds, which is similar to Concert Band. Mia Vela’s favorite song she played in this band was “Rollicking Hanukkah.” Vela was relaxed and excited to play in her first performance! As the other bands played, Vela was happy to hear their music and “was amazed at all of their performances.”

The final band to play was Symphony Band. Even as a band, they hummed “Silent Night”  along with a few instruments that played. Their vocals blended perfectly with the rest of the band, and it was breathtaking to listen to. 

Some of Symphony Band’s pieces included “Dreidel Dance,” “Secret Agent Santa,” and some Christmas carols! During the carols, the band invited the audience to rise and sing along with the musicians. Voices from the balcony, mezzanine, and front rows all reverberated throughout the auditorium, and peace resonated inside us all. Ratliff also added, “Symphony is known for their tradition of playing multiple very long pieces! However, I did enjoy their selection this year.”

I definitely enjoyed their music as well! Symphony Band was the perfect finishing touch to an astonishing holiday concert!