A True Christmas Fantasy

Tera Roberts, Reporter

The sound of Christmas joy rang throughout the Halls of MHS with classic Holiday tunes. On December 15th, the Medina High School Choir put on a show-stopping performance at the Performing Arts Center, accompanying the incredible Brass Band. The show started at 7 p.m. and ran until about 9:30 p.m..

This concert is not the choir’s Christmas show, but rather a show brought on to celebrate the holiday season as a whole, and the beautiful music that comes with it.

Dave Mollenkopf, a member of the Brass Band informed that when coming to the performance, the audience was to expect an outstanding music performance.

“In the show, there are no woodwinds. Instead of trumpets, we are using cornets which produce a soft, yet big sound,” He explained. “For our brass section, our main instrument is the alto horn. You are to expect the same instrumentation style but with different, soft, melodic sounds within it. As the background for the choir, together we are loud and fill up the entire room.”

Mollenkopf was right, it truly was a magical experience. A senior student from the choir, Ryan Bowles, stated the expectations that came with the show and names of the songs being sung that night.

“We are singing ‘Brightest and Best,’ ‘Silent Night,’ ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas,’ ‘A Christmas Fantasy,’ and many more,” He said before the performance. “When coming to any Medina High School choir concert, you’re to expect great vocals and a big sound.”

This show was a “Christmas Fantasy,” leaving the crowd with goosebumps. Furthermore, the accompaniment was the extra step that made each audience member feel the true spirit of the holidays.

Sherri Stoffer, a member of the bells section of the Brass Band, stated that the concert was something people “have never seen before.”

“There’s many unique instruments playing sounds people aren’t used to hearing. Overall, the show is very visually appealing. As the bell section, we are the ultimate team instrument. I hope each and every member of the audience is able to sit back and enjoy the show,” Stoffer stated.

As this semester comes to an end, the holiday season has begun. Let’s support our choir and all the other talented groups in Medina High School and embrace the Christmas spirit! Happy holidays!