MHS Girls Basketball

Emma Davis, Senior Editor

Medina’s dominance in basketball is one to behold. Our players are ready for anything on the court, and their inspiring performances can rile up a crowd any day. Until recent times, there has been a lack of female representation in sports media. Thus, I sought out our own female athletes to hear their perspectives. The Medina Girls Basketball Game against Mentor was on December 5th. The game started promptly at 7:55 p.m. here at home, as the crowd excitedly filed in during the end of the JV game.

MHS dwarfed Mentor, surpassing their score by double in the end. The first quarter ended with Mentor losing 6 to our 12 points. In the second quarter, a victory seemed not totally assured, as we scored 27 to their rising 11 points. When the third quarter rolled around, the idea of Mentor winning was obsolete, Medina with 51 points, to Mentor’s 15. In the end, we won by a landslide– 60 points compared to their 30! Launching into action the minute the ref signalled the game’s start, the very first basket of the game was scored by none other than MHS Student, senior Abby McMullen. Medina’s astounding victory could not have been possible, were it not for the hard work by the girls on our team.

McMullen is quite proud of her teammates, and her own effort. “I thought [the game] went very well,” stated McMullen, “we did a nice job working together as  a team and getting a lot of people to score in a variety of different ways, while still playing really good defense and having good poise.” She has been dedicated to the sport of basketball since the third grade, and her favorite professional basketball team is the Cavs! We love that Cleveland pride! Additionally, she used to play soccer, and currently plays both basketball and lacrosse. Her work ethic, paired with that of her teammates, led to Medina’s sweeping victory.

How did the attitude of the opposing team affect the our MHS female athletes? McMullen believes, “Some of them were a little bit pushy, but I think that helps us play stronger,” She said.  “We had to live up to higher expectations of being higher and stronger because we’re not the same team as we were last year, but neither is any other team in our conference, and [Mentor] was very quick; their guards drove to the hoop very well, and they were efficient,” Mullen stated.

Sophomore Rowan McDonald also plays on the team. She feels, “It was really good, we played together as a team really well and overall, it was a really good win. We didn’t play down to their level; sometimes we tend to do that, and our defense was really well.” Rowan has been playing basketball for about 9 years, and is also involved with volleyball and lacrosse! From the crowd’s perspective, I certainly saw what both girls were saying about the strength of the team’s defense. Mentor’s offense was also rather strong, but what gave Medina the slight edge was our amazing defense, and that we could keep up with Mentor’s offense. Both sides did extremely well, but in the end, Medina emerged victorious. Overall, our girls played a very strong game, and I look forward to the rest of their season with high hopes. Go Bees!