Mind your P’s and Q’s: etiquette in the hallway

Mind your P's and Q's: etiquette in the hallway

Lexi Baumann, Staff Writer

When most people walk to class, they follow the rules of the hall, but some people do not know how to correctly and safely navigate the hallways.

These “rules” are not formal, but basic knowledge of walking.  For example, you are supposed to always walk on the right side of the hallway and staircases.

Many people choose to blatantly ignore these basic principles and do whatever they desire.

“What annoys me about people in the halls are people who just stop right in the middle of the hallway,” says one student.

A better way to control hallway traffic would be to verbalize these rules, with signs or announcements talking to students about them.

Another annoyance in the hallways is texting and walking in the halls.  Students are not watching where they are going and running into things and other students.

“It shouldn’t be banned necessarily, because when else are people supposed to text?” says a fellow Medina bee.

Students not texting and walking would improve hallway traffic and also speed up the process of getting to class, when you are looking down concentrating on texting you are walking very slow.

Loud music playing through either a speaker or headphones is also an annoyance.  Whether it is someone trying to communicate with the student or just irritating others, volume should be kept when no one else can hear.

“In the hallways, no, seeing as you are just passing the person, I don’t think music should have to be turned down,” says eleventh grader, Morgan Mansier.

Personal displays of affection, or PDA, should also be limited in the halls.  Some students do not appreciate watching a couple make out in front of their classroom and become uncomfortable.

“PDA should only be allowed if it isn’t disruptive or moderately explicit,” says Mansier.

Students should be asked to keep their PDA to a minimum and move out of the way of other students.

Enforcing and teaching about the rules and etiquette of the halls should help students arrive to class on time and safely.

The biggest pet peeve about the hallways here at MHS?  “Try to stay on one side of the hallways while walking, please!” one student advises.