Winter Wonderland… or was it?

Hannah Petrosky, Reporter

Winter break. A time to relax after the stress of midterms and last minute tests. Friends and family spend time together to celebrate the holidays, sip hot cocoa, and watch the snowflakes fall. Movie marathons in pajamas surrounded by blankets. Visiting grandparents, aunts, and uncles in neighboring cities to spend time together. Maybe going to Florida or Hawaii on vacation to escape the cold, windy blizzards of Ohio!

Near and far, Medina High School students spent winter break doing many different things with families and friends. When students think of a winter break vacation, typically they envision tropical places like Hawaii or Florida. In actuality, many students visit places equally as cold as Ohio or even colder, such as Alaska.

Sophomore Emily Robinson stated, “I went to Buffalo, New York to spend time with our family and friends.” Like Robinson, many Medina students go out of Ohio during winter break to visit family or get away from the normally cold weather. A lot of students, however, stay in the state and even the city during winter break.

“I spent a lot of time with my best friend and took my dog for walks everyday,” Mansi Pathak, a sophomore, said. Students use break to stay home and relax after the stress of exams. I, for one, did not go out and about for three days after break had started.

Pathak stated in an interview, “I think people stay home because it is more of a relaxation period in-between school and work.” Other students who stay in the state visit nearby family for the holidays, or just to catch up with each other after a long time.

“I think many people stay home and don’t do major vacations, but a lot of them visit family nearby,” Holly Seymour stated. Since a lot of major holidays happen during winter break, people use this time to visit family. During break, I always have a Christmas Eve party with my family where we do a gift exchange with all my little cousins. I also do an annual gift exchange with my best friend.

“We normally don’t have any [gift exchanges], but this year we just started one with a group of our close family friends where we go curling,” Robinson said. Like Robinson, Pathak and Seymour have traditions of their own. Seymour watches Christmas movies with her family.

Pathak stated, “My best friend and I have a tradition where we make a lot of cookies and drink eggnog together.” Winter break is a time of rest and relaxation. Students love spending time with their close friends and families after the stress of exams. Near or far, the Medinamite hopes you had an amazing winter break.