Top Teen Cars of 2019

Brian Dreifke, Reporter

As teens, we either are starting to drive, have a license, or are somewhere in the middle. Buying a car is huge step in our lives. It shows a lot about maturity, and that we are growing up. This raises a question between many families: what car should we buy for our teen driver? Many families want different things in a car. Families want safety, fuel efficiency, and a low price since it’s the first car their child will own. Thus, here are some of the best cars for teens  to buy.

As a car enthusiast I study cars frequently; including the trends of cars, and what cars are best. Personally, my dream car is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix. Despite the fact that they aren’t being made anymore, I believe they make great teen cars because it’s very durable, a good price; but the fuel efficiency could be better.  I put a poll on my social media, and according to the results, high schoolers trust Toyota the most based off of the survey. Sam Dravenstott said her 2009 Honda Civic “drives very smoothly.” She also told me that the car has never had any mechanical issues at all. I also asked another Medina student Shelby Kurilko about her car. She told me her Nissan Altima is “comfortable” and she “knows it’s reliable.” She said she would recommend it to others.

Officially I took a look at Carmax to see what some of the best teen cars were. I stumbled upon a top 10 list of the best teen cars. Go check out the link for the full in depth list, but what MHS students said tended to agree with the list for best teen cars. The top cars featured on the list are the Nissan Altima (2014), the Toyota Camry (also 2014), the Nissan Altima (2015) and also featured at spot 5 was the Honda Accord (2014).

As the details and statistics show, these cars are the most affordable when looking for teens. These cars are also the most reliable, and have the best fuel mileage. They are basic and great for first cars for new drivers. For further information check out consumer reports and edmunds for more information on the best cars. Until then, Nissan and Toyota take the prize for the top teen cars!